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Accreditation of programme in Malaysia is under the purview of MQA under Act 679. However, with the presence of professional body, the accreditation of related programme shall be taken by the respective professional body by forming a Joint Technical Committee with MQA. MBOT is currently the professional body involved in accrediting technology programme which includes Computer Science and Information Technology programme in HEP.

TTAC has already formed a Joint Technical Committee in MQA and has already started to accredit a few technology programmes.TTAC is also assisted by TEP members, which consists of industry players and related agencies in giving technical advice within the respective technology fields to ensure that the accreditation of programmes are following the latest technology widely used in the market.

The following are the listed technology field under MBOT :
Electrical & Electronic (EE) Information and Computing Technology (IT)
Chemical Technology (CM) Telecomunication and Broadcasting Technology (TB)
Building and Construction Technology (BC) Biotechnology (BT)
Resource Based, Survey and Geomatic Technology (RG) Manufacturing and Industrial Technology (ME)
Agro-Based Technology (AF) Transportation and Logistics Technology (TL)
Material Science Technology (MT) Marine Science Technology (MR)
Green Technology (GT) Food Technology (FT)
Oil and Gas Technology(OG) Automotive Technology (AT)
Aerospace and Aviation Technology (AV) Nanotechnology (NT)
Nuclear and Radiological Technology (NR) Art Design and Creative Multimedia Technology (AM)
Cyber Security Technology (CS)  

After having considered an application of an application, MQA may :

i. Grant the application and issue a certificate of accreditation to the higher education provider
ii. Refuse the application, stating the grounds for refusal

The certificate of accreditation shall specify the programme and state the premises in which the programme shall be conducted or facilitated.

In any case of revocation of accreditation which are resulted from failing to comply with the framework and breach of condition specified during the award of accreditation statues, the higher education provider shall surrender the certificate of accreditation to the Agency within thirty days the date of revocation.

In any case that an accredited programme needs to be conducted in a branch campus, the higher education provider may apply for registration to be conducted in the branch campus. For professional programme, the approval is subjected to obtaining prior approval of the relevant professional body in which relevant professional body may conduct an institutional audit on the intended branch campus.

Accreditation is a status or achievement from a result of quality assessment by MQA. It is a commitment by MQA to all stakeholders in higher education i.e. students, parents and employer that the programmes accredited by MQA is quality-assured.

The benefits of having a programme academic being accredited among others are :

i. Public Service Department (PSD) will use this accreditation status to recognise the qualification for employment in the public service.
ii. Professional bodies such as the Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT) will use the accreditation to recognise graduates for registration as a professional Technologists and technicians as prescribed in Act 768 - TECHNOLOGIST AND TECHNICIANS ACT 2015.
iii. Students in accredited programmes are eligible to apply for loan from funding agencies such as National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN).
iv. Graduates are eligible to continue their studies in higher education institutions and obtain credit transfer. However, the final decision lies with the institution concerned.
v. Graduates can be considered for employment in the public sector. In many cases, even private sector employer considers accredited programmes in their selection of graduates for employment.
vi. Institutions can franchise their accredited programmes to other institutions, subject to certain conditions.

Even though accreditation is a voluntary basis, due to the benefits of having a programme accredited, almost all higher learning providers, both public and private institutions apply for the accreditation either through MQA or the relevant professional body like MBOT.

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