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Before the establishment of MBOT, accreditation for technology programme was managed by MQA's Accreditation Division (Engineering and Technology). The accreditation process was officially passed to MBOT and TTAC after its formation in 2016 based on the section 50 - 55 under the Malaysia Qualification Agency Act which spells out that a Joint Technical Committee shall be formed between MQA and the relevant professional body to perform accreditation of a professional programme. In general, there are two level of accreditation -

i. Provisional Accreditation which is done before a program is offered.
ii. Full Accreditation which is done one semester before the graduation of the first cohort.

For the accreditation purpose, MBOT has formed the Technology and Technical Accreditation Council (TTAC) and Technology and Technical Accreditation Secretariat (TTAS) that act as a Joint Technical Committee with MQA and the management of accreditation process and request from Institutes of Higher Learnings respectively. This is in line with MBOT's function in the Technologists and Technician Act (Act 768) under clause 6(2)(g) which is to evaluate the quality assurance of the programme in the field of technology.

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Technology And Technical Accreditation Secretariat (TTAS)

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